Our Centers

Santa Barbara, CA (Our HQ)

The Sharing’s main base is located in sunny Santa Barbara, California. After years of holding meetings at the local VFW hall, The Sharing’s modern community center was built in 2020, and boasts an Olympic sized swimming pool, meeting rooms, fitness studios, play rooms, dining hall, gym, auditorium, and much more. We are the kernel of The Sharing, and from our humble beginnings we are uniting people all over the world so that we may all become part of something greater.

Montauk, NY

The Sharing of The Hamptons boasts an upscale, beachside community center, with private beach access, spa, sauna, tennis and volleyball courts. This center also serves as a great weekend getaway spot, and we are partnered with several nearby boutique hotels to ensure an amazing experience, whether you are vacationing or a local wanting a “staycation”.

Vancouver, BC

Voted one of Vancouver’s Best Places, The Sharing of Vancouver provides all the activities we offer at our Santa Barbara location, as well as many outdoor recreation opportunities specific to the region, such as mountain biking and beachgoing. They’re just like us, but further north!

Glasgow, Scotland

The Sharing of Glasgow is located within a beautiful converted factory building. Our Scottish friends have partnered with the Glasgow historical society to offer unique recreational and educational opportunities linked with the rich history of Glasgow and the surrounding area.

Seoul, South Korea

The Sharing of South Korea is housed in a state of the art facility, and is home to our youth exchange program. We are glad to have colleagues who support cultural exchange and help us foster international friendships and learning opportunities for our youth (the future of tomorrow).

Brasilia, Brazil

Coming soon!

Sydney, Australia

Coming soon!

Chicago, IL

Coming soon!

Houston, TX

Coming soon!