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Lore David Altman

Our History

The Sharing is a 501c3 non-profit organization founded by Lore David Altman in 2011, based in Santa Barbara, CA.

Lore David Altman was a man with a vision. After realizing his dissatisfaction with his life as a real estate agent, Altman turned his back on his career and boldly embarked on a quest for knowledge and true understanding of human happiness. After years of study among the world’s greatest masters, scientists, thought leaders, mystics, and philosophers, Altman developed a comprehensive program which could allow a human being to ascend to the highest possible version of themselves- though Altman knew this was not without great commitment, trust, and personal challenge. From humble beginnings, Altman began to generously share his vision with people in his community; intensely inquisitive people who knew there was something more to life, but did not know how to reach deepest understanding on their own.

He knew that this work was never about him- but about something much greater.

As more and more people came to know Altman’s vision and dedicated themselves to becoming more than they ever thought they could be, The Sharing grew from a small group of seekers to the vibrant, multifaceted community it is today. And it’s only growing bigger and better, as more and more people have come to see that The Sharing can offer something for anyone who is willing to commit to something bigger than themselves.

Board of Directors and Leaders


Peter Stinton


Peter Stinton took over leadership of The Sharing after Lore David Altman’s untimely passing. Though their leadership styles may differ, Stinton’s steadfast commitment to The Sharing’s cause, bold personality, and fiery passion make him a fierce yet beloved leader to take The Sharing forward into the future.

Dr Mark P

Dr. Mark Papantoniou


A medical doctor, scientist and neurologist, Dr. Papantoniou cares deeply about the wellbeing of all people. His scientific knowledge and forward thinking is inspiring to all members of The Sharing.

Dennis McCarthy

Dennis McCarthy


An accomplished businessman as CEO of Matcom Technologies, Dennis McCarthy brings his financial acumen and business expertise to The Sharing, contributing to our ongoing success.

William Dyers

William Dyers


William Dyers has recently taken on the role of secretary after years of involvement with The Sharing and diligently rising through the ranks in our program. Additionally, he has worked with the US Forest Service for over 20 years.

Pamella Gomez

Pamella Gomez


Wine party host and mom of three, Pamella knows a thing or two about creating fun, memorable, and worthwhile events for the whole family, from our holiday festivals to our charity beach barbecues.

Tiffany Garcia

Tiffany Garcia


Formerly a public school teacher, Tiffany Garcia now organizes and leads The Sharing’s youth centered events full time. She is dedicated to helping young people succeed and build foundations for bright futures.

Ivan Proubles

Ivan Proubles


Ivan is a talented, newer member of The Sharing. He works behind the scenes on our website as well as our computer system, to help The Sharing work for the community and run smoothly every day. Ivan enjoys paddleboarding, college athletics, investing in cryptocurrency, and utilizing the skills he’s gained from The Sharing to help get kids interested in coding and the blockchain. For website or user registration related questions, email ivan@cryptobroacademy.com

Hedrick Chapman


Hedrick Chapman balances family life with his role as a local middle school vice principal and his role as The Sharing’s community engagement officer. He works to engage with the local community about The Sharing, and leads his local chapter’s general meetings as well as meetings with our full members.

Joshua Hughes

Joshua Hughes


An avid martial arts practitioner since childhood, Joshua Hughes has always had a passion for physical and mental wellness. When he saw The Sharing’s unique and effective approaches to health and wellness, Joshua worked to integrate his coaching methodologies with The Sharing’s vision.

He is a certified health coach and RYT certified yoga teacher and has completed 200 and 500 hour yoga teacher trainings with Ascended Heart Yoga and Energy Center and Jivamukti.

Donors Circle

We graciously thank our donors past and present for their generous contributions to The Sharing:

Lore David Altman

Kenneth Copeland

Joe Bob Fenestre

Hildy Gervais

Jaime Gomez

Richard Huntley

Ilchi Lee

Dennis McCarthy

David Miscavige

Keith Raniere

Peter Stinton

Victor Trent