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What is The Sharing?


The Sharing is a group that cares about YOUR success, YOUR happiness. And The Sharing understands that the key to success and happiness relies on not just the individual, but something greater.

Thousands of people have found greater quality of life and authentic relationships through participation in The Sharing’s programs. People just like you: doctors, business owners, athletes, students, lawyers, CEOs, artists, parents, and teens can all find something incredibly valuable in what The Sharing offers.


Through The Sharing’s focus on inner work, manifestation and abundance, raw honesty, motivation, connection, and even a little fun, you too can reap the life-long benefits of joining The Sharing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Sharing is a no judgment zone. We don’t care about things like social status or prestige; we value every person for exactly who they are. We believe every person has the capacity to become the best version of themselves. And our values of togetherness allow The Sharing to be a driving force of change on the planet.

The Sharing is welcoming to all, but it takes dedication and commitment to The Sharing in order to be invited to become a full member. Stop on by and see what cool events we have going on; there are so many ways to start to get involved.

Nothing! Joining The Sharing is totally free, and always will be. No strings attached.

There is no catch!

Absolutely! We appreciate your donations, whether they are monetary, or nonperishable food items. Please note that some of our members have an allergy to certain breakfast foods, so we aren’t able to accept everything. Contact us for more details.